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- We had a great stay here!!!
The blues crew, switzerland
( -
- We rented the Palo Alto for
a night Valentine's Weekend.
It was a good place to visit we
will be back next time we will
stay in the Miss Aubrey's flat.
Enjoyed the getaway.
Thanks again, had fun.
Valerie Eldridge -
- My girlfriend and I stayed
here for a night. We drove all
the way up from New Orleans
to stay here. As tiring as the
drive was, it was totally worth it!
What a place. I would love to
come back and spend more
time here! Thanks yall.
Preston Ragsdale -

- It was perfect - RJ just over
the grove of trees at Zion,
full moon out, and not a sound
but the crickets. This is the
place to stay to let it all loose
and let the spirit of the blues
flow free. Y'all are great!
Scott Palumbo -
- A great place to stay, very
comfortable & quiet. Don't visit
this area and stay in a bland
chain motel!
Tim L. -
- We rented the Palo Alto for
July 4th weekend and what a
wonderful weekend it was!
This is such a great place
to stay! We had more room than
we expected and the peace and
quiet was well needed.
Michelle Cranford -
Thank you!
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