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Photo Time
As you can see... a picture is worth a thousand words.
Here are some photos of our flats and some memorable pictures of some of our guests.
Wow!  What a sight…
The second and third forks are now Billy & Aubrey Whittington and it is
on their land that the Tallahatchie Flats are situated. Aubrey, has been
instrumental in the acquisition of most of the structures as well as their
overall appearance, both inside and out, and keeps the others focused
on historical detail.  Billy has also done a great deal more of the day to
day oversight than he ever expected, but without his dedication and
diligence there would be no Tallahatchie Flats.
The first fork is Steve LaVere, a music historian
and a Grammy award-winning record producer.  
He has devoted the last 30 years to solving the
mystery of Robert Johnson.  He and his family
moved to Greenwood from California to found
and operate the Greenwood Blues Heritage
Museum & Gallery & Greenwood Heritage Tours
as well as Veronica’s – Custom Bakery and
the Blue Parrot Café all of which were housed
in the historic Three Deuces Building on
Howard Street in Greenwood.  

Steve LaVere became enchanted with the idea
of creating a venture similar in scope to that of
The Shack Up Inn near Clarksdale.  He took the
idea to both Fincher and Whittington and they
received it with interest. After a couple or three
years that included contemplation, land surveys,
assessment and reassessment, the present
location was finally selected and old tenant
houses were sought for removal to the site for
refurbishment, restoration and renovation.
The entity that operates Tallahatchie Flats is an LLC partnership. It was
named Three Forks because it has three partners - originally they were
Stuart Fincher, Steve LaVere and the husband and wife team of
Billy and Aubrey Whittington - and their partnership was the outgrowth
of discussions concerning the Robert Johnson phenomenon that has
engulfed the cultural sensibilities of the Greenwood area for the last
15 years. Also, Three Forks is the area where Robert Johnson is known
to have been poisoned and it is not far from the plot of land selected for
the venture. Of course, a lot more money was spent than was ever
anticipated, but the result, which is still a work in progress
– and probably always will be – is something in which the entire community
of Greenwood can be proud. The Tallahatchie Flats are both a living
museum and a working motor court (the predecessor to the modern motel)
and we sincerely hope you like them, too.
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